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Who are we?

About Shuddham Gaushaala

Shuddham™ Milk provides raw milk in healthiest and purest form in chilled Glass bottles. Our expert and trained staff make sure that what reaches you, is free of any adulteration. 


Organic A2 Bilona Cow Ghee

Shuddham A 2 Vedic Ghee Making Video

Shuddham™ Farm


Fall in love with milk all over again 

1. Shuddham™ milk is sourced from healthy cattle that are grazed on natural pesticide free feed.


2. As soon as the milk is procured from farmers, it's chilled & packed in airtight glass bottles to be sent out for delivery.


3. The milk delivered is fresh and raw. It's not processed and is stacked with a number of enzymes that have a variety of health benefits.

4. The glass bottle retains absolute purity and freshness of milk &  ensures that the milk reaches you without any adulteration.


5. Now you can enjoy raw milk, packed, chilled, sealed & delivered to your door step.


Dairy Farm

Shuddham A2 Bilona Cow Ghee

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Safest & most nutritious fresh raw milk
Extra calcium & better digestion
Best Price in Town for sure.

What you will get?


Shuddham™ Dairy, Nangli-Isha

NH 119, Mawana - Meerut (UP)

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