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Our Promise

Shuddham™ is the word derived from Sanskrit and it means “pure”. Our Dairy believes in providing best quality and pure raw milk / bilona ghee that is not only healthy but fresh as well. There is no question of adding any adulterating agents like water or starch etc. We make sure that the hygiene is given utmost importance during the whole process of producing milk for you. As soon as milk is produced, it is dispatched to deliver our customers in specially designed containers so that what reaches our customer is rich, fresh, and hygienic.

What makes Shuddham™ special

We provide our milking cows the well balanced nutritious feed rations. The crop is grown on our organic farms with utmost care. Our fodder is totally chemical free. 


We employ best technologies in our production facilities to ensure the most hygienic conditions for our milk. We operate on hygienic production rule because we know that raw milk is the best quality milk with zero impurity or contamination.

Our cows are provided with best medical need and we don’t give our cows any hormones in order to produce more milk. This is what results in production of pure and healthy milk which is free of any additives, hormones, or pollution.

 Our Fresh milk is bounteous in calcium — incredible for its advantages for bones and teeth formation. Shuddham™ milk is stacked with a number of enzymes that have a variety of health benefits.


Dinesh Kumar

' The quality of fresh milk which shuddham is providing is fantastic. I dont think anyone in Meerut can match the purity of their milk.'

Preeti Chauhan

' The moment we had our first bottle of their freshly produced milk, we at once told our relatives to order milk only from shuddham.'

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Dhirendra Pratap

' I personally visited their farm & after that, I was sure that this is the only channel from which my family should order milk '  

What People are saying about us

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