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Saahiwal Gaumata At Shuddham

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Our Gaumaata Breed is Sahiwal. Sahiwal is a breed of ‘Zebu cattle’ and is considered to be one of the best desi cattle breed in India. The breed has derived its name from the Sahiwal area in Montgomery district of Punjab in Pakistan. It is the most promising breed that produces highest quality of A2 milk followed by the very similar Red Sindhi and Butana breeds.

POSTED ON 25-01-2023

Sahiwal is one of the endangered species of cow which is very popular among the farmers. The reason for its popularity is that Sahiwal is comparatively more efficient in terms of milk production and birth to young ones. Apart from this, its milk contains more fat contents, which is very healthy in comparison to other imported cow breeds. The milk of Sahiwal contains 5-6% fat whereas other breeds have only 3% fat. check the A2 Milk Certification at

Sahiwal’s milk contained the A2 protein which contained proline instead of histidine protein found in milk of other breeds.

Due to the presence of this additional allele Sahiwal’s milk acts as a boon to humanity which is helpful in curing several diseases like cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems. And this is why Sahiwal is considered an important cow breed.


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