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Regarding Update on our Farm & Cows

In 2019 our Farm Lands major part loacted at NH119 Nangli Isha Village was acquired by NHAI under compulsory acquisition Law and since then we at Shuddham were trying our best to cater best quality Ghee and Milk to our customers. We had around 250-300 cows and after struggling a lot in last 4 years, we had to make a tough decision to place small batches of our cows in different shed of local farmers. 

During this, a high tension wire also crossed our cow shed due to which we had to urgently move the cows to other place and also have to sell some of them. This step was taken after making all the arrangements so that our dear customers do not have to suffer in Ghee quality.

Now since 2023 we source milk from farmers around Meerut and Mawana for complete freshness and the milk is also lab tested for A2 Protein and hormones. NOW we don't breed cows at our own farm due to land acquisition and Passing of High Tension Line on our cows shed. Products are lab tested on more than 50+ parameters and you can see them here (LAB TEST) . That is the reason our Milk & Ghee is synonymous with purity and health. 

Also our team keeps on sending lab tests to all our customers every quarter to attain transparency. It's our guarantee that you will always be getting the best quality Products in India. 

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